product design & illustration

2022.9Kyoto University Homecoming 2022 poster drawing
2022.9Kyoto University document holder (for official event, not for sale)
2022.8The Doshisha Times vol.784, Doshisha Alumni Association, cover illustration
2022.4The Doshisha Times vol.783, Doshisha Alumni Association, cover illustration
2022.4Seibo College Alumunae Newsletter No.26 Cover illustration
2021.12Hong Kong Skyline Christmas Gingerbread cookies collaborated with Island Shangri-la (Photo by Food and Beverage Marketing, Shangri-la Group, 2021)
2021.12Seibo Jogakuin School Corporation Board of Directors Christmas Card (illustration)
2021.10Sanriku Railway Calendar 2022 - September (drawing of Kamaishi ironworks and railway bridge), Sanriku Railway + The Organization of Advertising Creatio、
2021.4Seibo College Alumunae Newsletter No.25 Cover illustration
2021.2 The University of Tokyo - East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts seminar poster illustration
2021.1Yuko Takagi / Sachiko Yu "Detox Dried Fruits Water" (Taipei: Sun Color Culture Co.) illustration
2020.12Seibo Jogakuin School Corporation Board of Directors Christmas Card (interior illustration)
2020.7 U.S. Embassy (Philippines) Talks Virtual Speaker Program / Webinar - Architect Melva Rodriquez-Java "Building Cebu" poster background Cebu Provintial Capitol illustration
2020.4Seibo College Alumunae Newsletter No.24 Cover illustration
2019.10wool felt artworks exhibition advertisement illustration (Osaka Nakanoshima Civic Hall)
2019.8Mid-levels Magazine (Hong Kong) 2017 Aug issue - cover "香港・上環・文武廟"
2019. 6HKU Visitor Centre souvenir - clear files (photo by Prof Y. Nakano)
2019.2Chinese New Year e-Greeting Card illustration, Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong (Screenshot by Prof Yoshiko Nakano)
2018.12Christmas + New Year e-Greeting Card illustration, Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong
2018.12Seibo Jogakuin School Corporation Board of Directors Christmas card
2018.11.09Shun Hing Group Souvenir Art Frame to Panasonic Corporation, Shun Hing Group 65th Anniversary Dinner 2018 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
2018.10.31"フォンダンウォーター (Dried Fruits Water)" (Sachiko Yu, Tokyo: Shogakukan) illustration
2018.8Yamaguchi High School Alumni Magazine 2018 Aug issue - cover illustration
2018.5Kyoto University CSEAS Libary brochure illustration (drawings made in 2007)
2018.4Kyoto University CSEAS Libary HP illustration (drawings made in 2014 and 2007)
2018.3Ryumeikan Hotel Tokyo Postcard Award (hotel room amenity postcard) "Mt Fuji from Tokyo"
2017.12Seibo Jogakuin School Corporation Board of Directors Christmas card
2017.12Kitashirakawa St Viator Catholic Church Christmas Concert poster
2017.9Mid-levels Magazine (Hong Kong) 2017 Sept issue - cover "Tung Lin Kok Yuen, Happy Valley"
2017.9Katsuya Watch Repair, Sanjo Kyoto commission paintings for exterior and interior decoration
2017.8, 2018.12CiaoLink Farewell My Tokyo souvenir art frame preliminary drawings
2017.7"香港舊書店地圖 (Hong Kong Second-hand Bookstore Map)" (Kelvin Wong, Hong Kong: Joint Publishing)
2017.5Tung Wah Group of Hospitals souvenirs (notebook, clear folder)
2017.4Mid-levels Magazine (Hong Kong) 2017 May issue - cover "Fringe Club"
2017. 4"Poblacion Houses in Cebu: Urban Architecture in the American Colonial Period" (Kiyoko Yamaguchi, Cebu City: USC Press)
2017. 3"Chinese Indonesians on the Move Within the International Relations of 20th Century Asia" (Yumi Kitamura ed., Kyoto: Kyoto University Library and Eimei Information Design)
2016. 12Seibo Jogakuin School Corporation Board of Directors Christmas card
2016. 8HKU Visitor Centre tote bag and A5 size notebook
2016. 6Kyoto University Kizukawa Experimental Farm Opening Ceremony souvenir mugcup
2016. 6Kyoto University Alumni email service advertisement
2016. 6 Kyoto Central Market Rice Shop Sazanga-kyu HP slide illustration
2016. 3 "Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students - The Study of Language Arts in Four Major Plays" (Lau, Leung Che Miriam, and Tso, Wing Bo Anna, NY: Springer) illustration
2016. 1-4Kyoto University Alumni Network official FB top page background
2016.1The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shaw College 30th Anniversary jigsaw puzzle
2015.12Seibo Jogakuin School Corporation Board of Directors Christmas card
2015.12Kyoto University CSEAS 50th Anniversary English publication cover
2015.12Kitashirakawa St Viator Catholic Church Christmas poster
2015.9The Hong Kong Jockey Club 2014 Season tote bag, scarf, keychain, magnet
2015.6The University of Hong Kong souvenir paper art frames
2015.6Miriam and Tony's wedding card (Kowloon Union Church, 1931)
2015.4Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Board of Directors 2015/2016 brochure cover
2014.11Hong Kong Tung Wah Museum 2015 calendar drawings
2014.9The Hong Kong Jockey Club 2014 Season duffle bag, T-shirt drawings
2014.6, 9, 12, 2015.3, 6, 9, 12yoto University Research Activities magazine cover drawings
2014.4Kyoto University Kikin/Foundation brochure illustration
2014.1-2015.12CiaoLink Farewell My Hong Kong souvenir art frame preliminary drawings
2013.6"拆村:消逝的九龍村落/Dissapearing Kowloon Village" (Cheung Sui Wai, HK: Joint Publishing)
2013.1-12Consolato generale d'Italia a Hong Kong corridor decoration
2012.8"Investing in the Early Modern Built Environment" ( Carole Shammas, Leiden: Brill) book illustration
2012.7Prisoners' Friends' Association News Letter Illustration
2012.4The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Arts Centenary postcards, stationaries and panel design
2011.12Hong Kong Iwate Association Tohoku Earthquake charity postcards
2011.7"Developmental Disorder Guidebook for Japanese and Chinese" (Miho Goda, HK: Himawari) illustrations
2011.4Hong Kong Tung Wah Museum museum shop stationary design
2010.7"Flanders no Imo" (Tokyo: NTT) book illustrations
2009.8Hong Kong Breakthrough stationary design
2009.8Hong Kong Bonfire Café interior decoration – Nagasaki church drawing panels
2008.3"Japan Association for Malaysian Studies News" 40(01) cover illustration
2007.9Hong Kong Shaw College welcome package, stationary design
2005"Marhaban Arabic Grammer Introduction" (Toshiyuki Takeda, Kyoto: Islam Bunka Center) illustrations
2005. 4Kyoto University CSEAS 40th Anniversary postcards
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006Nippon Foudation API Fellowship posters