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cebu, philippines

20160810Cebu (71)
pit señor! I went to Cebu this summer. I used to live there around 14 months in 2002-2003. I lived alone, worked only as part-time lecturer, being student but not enrolled in any course; so I was almost everyday at a loss “what should I do today.. another long day… just hope electricity and water doesn’t stop today.”

I simply felt loneliness (not a proud solitude like sagan or parisienne). Then in the end I found a new hobby, to draw old houses in Cebu everyday. It’s a rough sketch compared to the drawings I make now (which takes days to finish one A4 size), but still it was a therapeutic moment every morning, maybe similar to some people who does yoga or meditation.

13-14 years ago, I thought “what am I doing here. I am useless. I should go back to Japan now (but it wasn’t allowed for my Kyoto graduate programme; they said that students need to conduct at least continuous one-year `fieldwork’).” But this time, going to cebu as tourist, made me feel the lonely days had meanings. I think I could enjoy local culture (I love cebuano mariachi) much more than any other tourists or any academic field-worker this time!!





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