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Po Leung Kuk 保良局

(rear view of Po Leung Kuk Museum保良局歷史博物館, Leighton Road, CWB 銅鑼灣禮頓道 / 2011 November 21, from the kitchen window of Kawai-san’s flat)

I am now drawing the facade of Po Leung Kuk Museum.
As I used to live and work in New Territories (close to mainland China) since the end of 2006, Hong Kong Island was a distant place where I only go for Immigration or consulate matters. I even wanted to keep distance from the HK Island expat culture (it’s quite…unique…).

But I have a lot of (good) memories around Causeway Bay from spring 2011 – Japanese Club drawin lessons, eating out with students, Japanese-speaking local hair salon, helping (little bit) of newly opened Japanese supplimentary school.

Initially I thought about staying in Hong Kong only for couple of years, so I (kind of arrogantly) thought I don’t need or I don’t have time to search for compatriots. Yes, I am working in foreign country, not using Japanese languege, I am international – that’s what I felt even I didn’t really articulate.

But maybe I could say so because I didn’t really work hard to enjoy Hong Kong – e.g. to learn Cantonese and/or Putongha. I really admire non-Chinese speakers to acquire the tone-language and Chinese character reading and writing skills – and I thought I happened to be in HK for a short period of time.

In CWB, I could meet Japanese people who lives and works in HK for 10, 30, 50 years. They are fluent in Cantonese/Putongha, some married to Hong Kong or Chinese spouses, and connected deeply into local society. And, they respect Japanese culture and being Japanese much more than I did. I was almost ashamed all the more because I, a novice resident, was teaching Japanese culture and history to local students…

It was really meaningful for me to frequent CWB for three years!






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