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mt. hakodate, shiga

went to skiing at Takashima City, Shiga.

My first skiing experience was from elementary school PE class, to Makino, near Mt Hakodate. It’s just one of the normal government-run school, but if I look back (and compare with expat-international schools in Hong Kong), Japanese local elementary schools are quite amazing to offer variety of experiences to all the children.

There are a lot of criticism on Japanese education (and I do agree to some), but personally at this moment, I don’t know any other country which offers so much non-academic experiences in such a high standard (e.g. PE, music, art, calligraphy, etc.).

My prents didin’t take me to skiing, nor selodom to kids-centered trips (except visiting relatives), similar to most of my classmates, but school teachers did all the work to let the kids exposed to new activities. Simply amazing.


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