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I’m now working on commission painting of Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣 for Mr R.T.

Maybe it’s after 4-5 years since I last drew 3-point perspective, and when I look back, I think I can draw more with confidence than before – when I was a university student in architectural design.

I couldn’t draw well then, not at all compared to talented Berkeley students. So that means I am not naturally gifted but just simply drawing daily I can draw kind of better.

Though yoga taught me to release the efforts of the past, I still thought about a Japanese proverb “継続は力なりcontinuing means more (than gift from birth or luck, for achieving or fullfilment).” I keep drawing not for business but for some kind of self-training, without solid aim…(though some people ask me if I draw for heritage preservation awareness or for history-related education puporse, I cannot fully answer yes.)

I just used internet translation for this proverb, and the English counterpart (at least some phrases similar to this) was “practive makes perfect” and “slow and steady wins the race.” Wow so non-buddhist to aim perfect and winning! I guess that’s why some of the (tired) top company CEOs are inclined to zen-and-mindfullness.

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